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women's-boots-trendy-popular-booties-comfortable-stacked-chunky-heels-nonskid-black-roses-beige-denim-ppink-yellow-flowers-embroideryLooking for a trendy, comfortable, practical, sexy, safe, & pretty boot that’s essential for your closet? Stop looking, I’ve found it for you! My latest discovery is not just one, but four varieties of the same style with different colors & gorgeous embroidery! Which we all know is quite popular this season!

These 4″ stacked, chunky heeled boots have a nonskid sole, are a slip on style with a back closure women's-boots-trendy-popular-booties-comfortable-stacked-chunky-heels-nonskid-black-roses-beige-denim-ppink-yellow-flowers-embroideryzipper, & are comfortable! The floral embroidery truly is exquisite & very much on the scene right now!

Available in black, pink, beige, & denim! You’ll love the vibrant, deep pink roses on the black & pink boots! women's-boots-trendy-popular-booties-comfortable-stacked-chunky-heels-nonskid-black-roses-beige-denim-ppink-yellow-flowers-embroideryYou’ll most likely long for spring & summer to return when looking at the cheery,  bouquet of yellow flowers on the beige & denim boots! women's-boots-trendy-popular-booties-comfortable-stacked-chunky-heels-nonskid-black-roses-beige-denim-ppink-yellow-flowers-embroideryBoth patterns will make you & everyone who sees you donning them, smile! You can’t go wrong with these color combinations! Get yours now, just in time for the holidays!




Available in six colors: burgundy, tan, black, olive, gray, & navy, these faux suede ankle booties have a 3″ heel & would be perfect for any outfit! Not too boots-heels-burgundy-zipper-cute-trendyflashy, not plain, just perfect! Put some or all of them on your gift list now, or get them for yourself just in time for the holidays!





Women’s Velvet Lace up Stiletto Peep Toe Over the Knee Thigh High Boots

boots-stiletto-peep toe-lace up-thigh high-corset-sexy-trendyVelvet boots are very popular this season & you’ll be seeing many of them. These corset reminiscent boots are quite sensual with an adorable peep toe, a heel that’s approximately 4.2″, & you can’t ignore those alluring laces up the front! They’re available in black, royal blue, & dust rose. These would be a perfect gift idea for your someone to get you this holiday season, or you could treat yourself right now! royal blue-lace up-stiletto-velvet-trendy-cute-sexy

dust rose-stiletto-boots-velvet-ssexy-lace up-thnigh high

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WOMEN’S BOOTS THROUGHOUT TIME

Women love boots, that’s obvious. They’re practical, fun, pretty, beautiful, dominating, empowering, & alluring, works of art that are just plain sexy in many cases! Especially today with boot fetishes upping the ante on women’s footwear. Look at today’s music videos & in today’s clubs. Thigh-high, high-heeled boots definitely do make an undeniable sensual & sexual statement.boot-fashion

Calf length high heel boots

The TV series, “The Avengers,” was popular in the 1960s where the character, “Emma Peel,” often wore fetishistic boots to symbolize being a strong & sexy woman. When speaking of empowered, sexy, strong, dominating female forces, you can’t forget, comic book super villains such as Catwoman & heroines like Wonder Woman! Their powerful statement boots always scream, “Don’t mess with me, you’ll lose!”

Let’s take a look back at some of the different styles of boots histories. It’s possible that boots might even predate Native Americans. Think about practicality & fashion going back that far for a moment… These early, proud women, made moccasins out of what was available to them. They were crafted out of tanned leather from the animal skins their men hunted for food, & were quite sturdy. Soft leather stitched from sinew held them together. Many tribes had rawhide soles & used sheepskin or rabbit fur for the colder months.

Like today’s fashions, all tribes had varied styles. Some Native American women made & wore boot type moccasins. They made tall & short moccasin boots with warmth, traveling conditions, comfort, terrain, & beauty in mind. They adorned them beautifully with paintings, quills, & beads. Just goes to show how long women have had a love affair with boots & making them their own! Today’s designers still adorn women’s moccasin boots, (& other boot styles), in similar fashions.
                                                                                                My Boots Collection
Native American moccasin boots are still popular today. They hold up very well with harsh wear & tear, are comfortable, & still provide a distinguishable sexy & cute look for the modern woman. Moccasins & moccasin boots are still produced by Native American artisans in all styles & shapes.

If you’re looking for a pair or more of your own, you can often find them at art or craft shows. I found my first pair at our state fair when I was 10. I love them until the sad day came when I had to finally admit that I’d outgrown them.

Eskimos made mukluk boots out of reindeer. These were some heavy duty mukluk boots. They’d also use seal skin hide & fur. Of course, this was when animal products were the only choice. They were also altered by some subarctic Indian tribes who would incorporate buckskin & Caribou.

Now mukluks are made by name brand shoe manufacturers such as Minnetonka & Ugg. These are also trendy & highly popular boots for women. They come in numerous colors & many style choices. These are great winter boots that keep your feet dry & warm. Many Hollywood actresses love to display their affection for both moccasins & mukluks today.

Moon Boots

Military styles with turnover tops & thick soles, originally designed to protect horse mounted soldiers, influenced 17th century European boot fashions. Hessian soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War in the 1700s wore distinctive thigh-high boots. These influenced the development of cowboy boots worn by actual cowboys and cattlemen in the American West.

Lace up boots were one of the early American Victorian age women’s favorite styles. As far back as just after the 1780s, women’s boots began having heels. Which included Italian, wedge, & stiletto heels. These were commonly seen on pointed toe boots before the toes eventually changed style to be more rounded.

Delicate, small pumps were still worn for special occasions & evening wear, but the boot became the primary footwear of the 19th century. The Industrial Revolution left people longing for natural landscapes. Country homes became quite popular along with walking as a pastime. Boots were the perfect choice for that particular trending activity.

Men’s military dress again inspired women’s fashions. Spatterdashes became common with ladies during this naturalism movement. Originally designed to protect the military man’s stockings from spatters & dashes of mud, women wore these leggings for long country promenades. Popularly worn with ankle boots, referred to half boots or demi-boots, this fashion trend took on an international appeal.

Splatter dashes or (Spats) and boots

After the mid-1850s, wireframe, crinoline skirt supports were introduced. These skirts had a tendency to swing & tip, exposing the ankle & foot. This caused interest in decorating shoe vamps & brought about machine chain-stitched designs with colorful silk underlays called, “chameleons.” These were fashionable for home & evening wear. But boots didn’t leave the picture! They were considered to be more modest essentials during the day, when worn with crinoline skirts.

However, the most common boot trends of the naturalism times were Adelaides, Balmorals, button, Garibaldi, & Cromwell Puritan boots. Adelaides were British, side laced boots named after William IV’s consort. Women donned these at most outdoor occasions.

By 1860 Balmorals were popular for women & men, & remain to be. These front laced boots differ from other similar boots with a seam that divides the lower & upper parts of the boot. Named after Queen Victoria’s Scottish home, this style was primarily for sporting occasions & informal daywear. By the 1870s they were the most common closure of boots.

I find it surprising that the button boot, first introduced in the 1850s, weren’t really in fashion until the 1880s. With their elegant closure & tight fit they flattered a woman’s feet & ankles. They’ve always been one of my personal favorite historical fashions. They can be found in many forms of artwork to this day, including paintings & sculptures.

Garibaldi boots, after the Italian statesman that united Italy in the 1860s, were elastic sided boots. In the US they were referred to as, “Congress,” boots after the American Congress.

Cromwell Puritan boots were the most commonly worn by American women by 1870. They remained quite popular until the early 1900s when suede rose in popularity as a favorite boot material. Buckles, clasps, & laced boots also made their way onto the scene. Ankle high was a common height. Until 1904, six inch heels dominated women’s boot fashion. Then the Cuban heel made its appearance & heels started decreasing to around two and a half inches by 1910.high-heel-ankle-boots

From the late 1920s through the mid-1950s only subtle changes in form were made to the tall tapered heel. These remained in fashion until the creation of the Italian heel, which became the stiletto & was a major trend in the late 1950s. Stiletto fashionistas of the time were required to wear plastic heel caps when visiting the Louvre to prevent them from damaging the ancient floors. They were notorious for damaging wooden & linoleum floors with pock marks.

stiletto boots

One of the most sensual shoes ever designed with its sharp pointed toe & infamous ankle slimming, calf tightening, weapon-named heel, the stiletto was & is one of the worst shoes created medically. They curtail the toes by forcing the foot into the pointed toe. This causes bunions & hammertoes. Countless women suffered many injuries while wearing these. Ankles were turned on the indwelling metal heel. They would catch in sidewalk cracks, manholes, & grates.

Although probably an amusing sight to see & the fact that women are no strangers to painful fashion & still love these heels, an alternative was needed. Once again boots came to the rescue for women’s footwear! Square, low heeled boots came back in the mid-1960s through the 1970s.

With the rise, (pun intended), of miniskirts & go-go dances, boots made a raging, exciting, fun, empowering, sexy come back in the forms of white ankle, hippie, go-go boots, & a pull on Cossack style boot. To this day these boots have an iconic look that remains fun & sexy! Flat, high stiletto, (despite pain & peril), & wedge heeled boots also rose in popularity at this time. Cowboy, combat, biker, chunk, & granny boots also became trendy in the mid-70s. These trends continue to be in circulation into the 21 st century as well.

Cowgirl boots

No matter what, boots always come back & are always a wonderful addition to any outfit. Whether for practicality, sensuality, fun, or a somewhat innocent to a somewhat naughty look, boots will always be popular for women’s fashions! In fact, if you’re like my great great grandmother Doherty, you too, may just die with your boots on! What a perfect way to go!!    Send us your boot pics at and we will post them here.  

No matter what, boots always come back & are always a wonderful addition to any outfit. Whether for practicality, sensuality, fun, or a somewhat innocent to a somewhat naughty look, boots will always be popular for women’s fashions! In fact, if you’re like my great great grandmother Doherty, you too, may just die with your boots on! What a perfect way to go!!    Send us your boot pics at support@mad-for- and we will post them here.  

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