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Fall Favorites Pick of the Week

Just because Santa is on his way, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get yourself, or trendy-crest-velvet-booties-ankle-women's-nude-pink-black- -chunky-hero-popularsomeone else a pair or more of these fashion favorite, crushed velvet ankle booties! All things velvet are extremely trendy this season, & are just plain adorable & sexy! These booties are no exception!

trendy-crest-velvet-booties-ankle-women's-nude-pink-black- -chunky-hero-popularAvailable in pink, black, & nude & made from 100% vegan materials, you’ll feel good about wearing them! You’ll also be comfortable. The chunky heels make it easy on your feet for standing around chitchatting, & most definitely flirting! They  also stay comfortable for long walks. The interior lining is cushioned & quite comfy!

Your legs are sure to look extra sexy & elongated thanks to the pointed toe! With all the trendy features thesetrendy-crest-velvet-booties-ankle-women's-nude-pink-black- -chunky-hero-popular wonderful little ditties have, romantic crushed velvet, devilish pointed toe, chunky 4″ heel, sexy zip up closure, fun & bubbly ankle height, & available 3 beautiful colors to choose from, any outfit you wear them with is sure to pop!





Thanksgiving-fall-boots-thigh-high-vegan-heel-stretch-trendy-sexyRock your fall & Thanksgiving festivities in these super trendy thigh-high stretch boots! These are available in three colors: premier dark taupe, premier wine, & premier black & are eco-friendly, made only with 100% vegan fabric. Any or all of these colors are beautiful & with a 4″ heel & revolutionary clever style trend of being lifted to lengthen your sexy stems, Tom Turkey’s drumsticks won’t be the only legs turning heads! You’ll be gobbling up attention everywhere you go in these boots, especially with the always flirty laces up the back of your shapely calves! One feature I find particularly helpful is the 17″ adjustable opening circumference, making these boots perfect to Thanksgiving-fall-boots-thigh-high-vegan-heel-stretch-trendy-sexy-winepair with jeans that you want to tuck into the top! They look great with shorts & will work wonderfully with your favorite skirts & dresses of any length, too! These are easy to slip on & off with an inside zipper & have a rubber sole for comfort & traction. Perfect for any weather the fall throws your way! Cute, versatile, comfortable, trendy, animal friendly, & classy enough to wear around your grandmother no matter who’s hosting the family turkey dinner, these are a must have!                                                                                                                                                                      Thanksgiving-fall-boots-thigh-high-vegan-heel-stretch-trendy-sexy-black





Susanny Women Autumn Round Toe Lace Up Ankle Buckle Chunky High Heel Platform Knight Martin Boots

These adorable little numbers are PU leather & combine some standard style favorites all in one! The always cute chunky high heel is about 4.7″ high & the chic rounded platform toe is about 1.3″. Both the high heel & platform are waterproof! These are easy to put on & take off with the slip on & side zipper design. These short booties double buckle ankle straps are the icing on the fall boots cake! Available in three colors, brown, beige, & black, get a pair, (or all three), now just in time for your family’s Thanksgiving festivities!

fall-boots-platform--buckles-lace up
Fall Favorite

fall fashion

When you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket, drinking hot apple cider or a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, looking out at nature’s brilliant display of blazing leaves, you know it’s the perfect time to look up this fall’s hottest shoe trends! You won’t be disappointed! There are plenty of fun, fashionable, & practical styles heading your way for 2017.

Even with the simplest of outfits, boots & statement heels are going to bring a lot of flair & whimsy to your unique look. Especially since the biggest shoe trends for this fall are going to be some of the most daring seen in years. In fact, designers are leaning toward 90s styles for this fall! I’m extremely excited about this, as I grew up in the 90s & miss a lot of those enjoyable, funky fashions!

Red velvet pumps

You can expect to see a variety of some bold designs which will let you play & experiment with colors & materials! Making a huge comeback this fall is velvet in shoes & clothes! Some of the more unique velvet shoes will have wonderful block heels. Jacquard boots reminiscent of royalty worn fashion, & boots that sparkle, (loved by fashion influencers who are going crazy over the style), are also going to be in high demand & be the most noticeable trends.

Some of the biggest & hottest shoe trends for fall 2017 that were seen on the runways are all about color & block heels. They have a somewhat pointed toe, a thick rounded heel consisting of one or more colors, & are a mid-ankle rise. Also expect to see edgy embellishments & stacked heels. The embellishments, stacked heels, & this particular height give them a carefree, ready to have some playful autumn fun, feel & look! Making them one of this season’s most popular designs.

You’re sure to see metallic colored pieces this season. Many designers are presenting collections full of metallic designs. Sterling silver is dominating many fall collections. These metallic boots can upgrade a simple look instantly & go great with elegant & everyday outfits. Perfect for a night out or even with a tracksuit! If you want a bolder statement, over the knee or thigh-high metallic boots are the way to go!

Metallic boots

There are lots of colors to choose from, but most trendy are the metallic silver & golden boots. Metallic pink boots are a great addition for any girly girl. Now is the perfect time to get some metallic booties, that will blend seamlessly with most of your fall looks, into your autumn wardrobe!

Tall boots, with their classic silhouette look will definitely become one of your go-to choices for any of your autumn ensembles. If you feel like bringing your look to new heights, you can’t go wrong with the super chic designs of over the knee boots that are making their way onto the fall fashion scene!

One design trend that started last year are the thigh-high boots, & they aren’t going anywhere soon! Expect to see over the knee boots getting an even better than before upgrade, making a huge statement & getting you all of the attention! Celebrities have been seen trending velvet, pointed, & black & gray classic over the knee boots with miniskirts in particular. They’re also fantastic for mixing & matching with all kinds of outfits & colors!

Thigh high boots

Over the knee & thigh-high boots will more than likely become two of your personal favorites this season, being one of the sexiest ways to flaunt your model-worthy looking legs! Try upping this attention grabbing look with cool tights & a simple dress or one of your favorite flirty skirts! They’ll also pair perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans!

Don’t be surprised to see some incredibly chic, extra comfortable sneakers this year. They’ve been an easily accepted staple in the fashion forward girl’s style for a while now with styles that are extremely versatile. They look wonderful with elegant outfits as well as everyday wear.

The seven most popular sneaker trends this fall are the supersized sole, the sleek silver, velvet, star-studded, wool, the bold color block, & embroidered florals. The supersized sole are a throwback to the 90s with a lace up platform. The sleek silver is metallic & are perfect for jeans & a T-shirt. Velvet sneakers provide a royal treatment feel & look that will even go with skirts & dresses. Shiny colorful stars are on display with star-studded sneakers. You won’t need thick socks while going about your day in the comfortable & chic wool sneakers. Spring & summer don’t have to end just because it’s fall when you’re wearing embroidered floral sneakers. These feminine sneakers are sure to give your outfit a burst of color. The bold color block sneakers will also liven up your fall wardrobe & are an enjoyable 1970s throwback. You’re sure to look great, be comfortable, & enjoy any & all of these fall 2017 sneaker trends!

Floral sneakers

Cold weather looks are also rather trendy. With their cozy winter ready feel & styles including side zippers & faux shearling lining, you won’t get slipped up while out & about as the days grow shorter & the nights grow colder.

Whatever your style this fall, there are plenty of fashionable, trendy, flirty, sexy, comfortable, & practical shoes & boots to choose from this year! Get some of every trend & expand your collection today!……….send us your fall fashion selfies  at,support@mad-for-shoes.com and we will post them here.cute-fall-outfits

Cute fall outfits
Shades of Autumn


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  1. I’m really excited about all these new fall trends! Please tell me where I can find them!

  2. It’s exciting to see all the hottest shoe trends! The cute thigh-high boots will definitely make a statement with all the stylish outfits I have. I like to look fashionable while staying warm at the same time. Keep me updated on more trends!

    1. WONDERFUL! Please bookmark my site as pics of the week in every category will be changing weekly! I’m working on some exciting ones right now! Particularly cute winter boots. I’m from Minnesota so I did find out about nice warm feet!

  3. These are some beautiful and cute looking shoes. I don’t walk well in heels, but the floral sneakers do look cute, comfortable, and fashionable. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Bookmark the site, categories will be changing weekly with pics of the week! Thank you, by the way!

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  6. Great in-depth advice here, my friend’s birthday is coming up soon and I know she wants a pair of new boots but it is very hard knowing what to choose for her. Thanks for all the great advice, now I have something to go on!

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  11. I am so glad the cold months are here, time for BOOTS. I love those women’s stretch thigh high boots, they are sooooo cute. I couldn’t walk in them because I have bad feet, I hate that soo much. Great taste in shoes.

  12. I do not have a pair of tall boots, but I am looking for a cute pair! To know that they are in style is great! I am from Texas where they are always in style, and now in Florida. Time to pick me out a pair. You have a wonderful selection. Thanks for making my shopping easy!

    1. thank you again for another wonderful comment! My man is from Texas! Big D, in fact & moved to Minnesota to be with me. He knows all about boots always being in style for you gals when you’re in Texas. You’re welcome!

  13. I grew up in the 90’s too! I totally get what you mean! I’m excited for these styles to come back! 🙂

    Thanks for writing this!

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