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Halloween Party Time

It’s Halloween again. My favorite holiday and the perfect excuse to dress up in a sexy outfit and go to a party. So let’s do it. Here’s some costumes and boots I found for the perfect, sexy, jaw dropping costume that you will wear for years. A sexy Pirate and the classic Cat woman. When Halloween is over you can still wear the boots all year long.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Party Time

  1. THANK YOU MUCH for the sexy Halloween costume ideas! I was undecided and now I’m not! Well, except now I can’t choose between sexy pirate & Catwoman, especially with those boots!

  2. Best holiday of the year!! Always a dilemma to outdo last years costume. Thanks for the ideas!!

  3. Very good choice of shoes, you are right we can wear these shoes any day of the year not necessarily on Halloween. Thank you so much for sharing these designs with us.

  4. The idea of wearing shoes, or boots, for Halloween that you can then easily reuse when Halloween party is over is a very resourceful one. In fact, if you organise yourself and your outfits in good time, you could use the same boots for a New Years Eve party too!
    The only thing that scares me is the height of that shoe you chose to open your post with. My feet are hurting whilst I am only even looking at that picture. Sure wearing lower heel shoes should make your part more comfortable? 🙂

  5. Halloween! Classic Catwoman, Pirate woman, and boots! Thanks for the fun suggestions! These costumes and shoes can be reused beyond Halloween. A costume party, Masquerade, or simply dressing up for the fun of it. Once again, thanks for these great ideas!!!

  6. I am loving your Halloween picks! My girlfriend would look great in some of these! Wait a minute… She has enough shoes as it is lol. Thanks for sharing these interesting designs. Keep up the good work!

    1. THANKS! Please show her! Were also starting another site that’s got a little bit on it so far she might be interested in, (& you might be for her, too), I need some comments on that site as well & I’d gladly return the favor!

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