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women's-lace-stiletto-heels-platform-sexy-fun-romantic-flirty-black-green-red-blue-yellowFeet like to feel sexy & flirty, you know it’s true. This holiday season, & year-round, treat yourself to some beautiful, elegant, lingerie for your feet with one or more pairs of these lace platform high-heeled stiletto pumps!

These presents for your feet have a 1.25″ platform, padded insole, a closed toe, & are just plain gorgeous! To me, they look like something Victoria might keep secret with the black lace overlay & four different colors to choose from! women's-lace-stiletto-heels-platform-sexy-fun-romantic-flirty-black-green-red-blue-yellow

Available in green, red, blue, & light yellow these will work for pretty much any holiday or just going out someplace fancy, romantic, festive, or downright naughty! Green & red not only will work for the December holidays, they can also be used for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, even the Fourth of July!

women's-lace-stiletto-heels-platform-sexy-fun-romantic-flirty-black-green-red-blue-yellowThe vibrant deep blue could also be used for when you’re feeling patriotic, or any other endeavors. Light yellow could also work year-round! Any of these would be perfect for attending a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or wedding!

No matter what the occasion, these lovely lace overlay platform stiletto heel pumps are a work of art. Art you women's-lace-stiletto-heels-platform-sexy-fun-romantic-flirty-black-green-red-blue-yellowneed to collect & display!








With the holidays rapidly approaching, you need to be ready & in style for all your Christmas & New Year’s Eve parties. With these sexy stiletto, over the knee, slip on party dress high heel boots, you will be! These dazzling boots are  sexy-stiletto-high-heels-boots-glitter-Christmas--partiesavailable in green, red, brown, purple, blue, silver, & black, plenty of colors for you to choose from! They all feature glitter that will make you stand out & make you a hot commodity under the sexy-glitter-stiletto-heels-boots-parties-Christmas-Evemistletoe by all the fellas there! Get yours now!






Boots-booties-black-embroidery-floral-roses-peep toe-chunky-Thanksgiving-holidaysThanksgiving is just around the corner. You’ll need some nice & fun footwear for all your gatherings! With these, you’re all set to go in style! Floral embroidery is very in this season & the embroidery on these peep toe chunky block heel ankle booties is beautiful! Available in black & light gray with a 4″ heel, these dress booties are made from synthetic material & are just plain lovely. Either color would be perfect for any holiday get together! In fact, they’re so nice you could wear them to a wedding! I’m sure you’ll be thankful to have them as one of your new floral footwear favorites!Boots-booties-light gray-embroidery-floral-roses-peep toe-chunky-Thanksgiving-holidays

10 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I kept looking at the vibrant deep blue pair. It is a stunning pair and I want to ask if you find it comfortable to wear? Thinking of getting it for my wife but I know she is not really into high heels unless it is bearable. By that, I mean she won’t go for looks over comfort.

    1. I don’t know, I don’t have these. You probably want to read the reviews for more information Mike that.

  2. Great looking selection and pricing. These are right up my daughters’ alley so I’ll be sending her your way. Who knows, maybe even my wife will find something in your selection!!!


  3. oooo I like all the colors that these come in. nothing quite like a pair of standout shoes to make a holiday outfit pop.

  4. I love the embroidered look…I hope that stays in fashion for awhile!

  5. I love the super cute “presents for your feet” that you wrote about up top! And they’re so affordable I could spring for a couple and get them in different colors. What a cool shoe that’ll be perfect for my upcoming Christmas party! Thanks for the recommendations:)

  6. I am crazy for shoes and boots! I really love the over the knee holiday colors. The only problem is that I probably wouldn’t wear them any other time. However, they are very sexy and I do love to splurge. Thanks for the ideas! With boots like these, I would find somewhere to go!

  7. Woow, all the beautiful shoes. Especially I love the boots.

  8. I don’t think I have ever owned nor worn a pair of such high heel pumps like the lace ones you propose. But I must admit, they just look gorgeous. My concern is that I am little, and wonder whether such high heels would make my short legs even shorter. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that the high heel would help my posture. And you are right, every colour can be worn for different occasion, even at a wedding (maybe not as a bride, mind :)). But really lovely shoes, I might ask Santa for a pair!

    1. My sister is only 5 feet tall and she always looks great in high heels. I’m 5 foot 3 & when I wore heels I never thought they made me look too short. You could always try them out, & if they don’t work for you the way that you want, I’m sure you could return them.

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