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Sex Kitten Stripes

Feeling sexy? Feel like getting a ton of attention at your New Year’s Eve parties? Want to make your man’s tongue fall out so he has to roll it back up into his mouth, like the frisky fellas & wolves that used to be in the good cartoons? Check out these four sexy & fun designs, my fellow goddesses!


These silky pantyhose tights stockings aren’t your average fishnets! Let’s face it, those have been done to death. While fishnets will always be a classic sexy look, they don’t really make you stand out in a crowd like these will!  Although they do borrow that classic 1940s bombshell look, with a seam up the back of your gorgeous gams!

These seductive stockings are a polyester/spandex mix, should be hand washed & are one size fits most. Heights are 5’1″-5’9″, hip lines are 33″-43″, & weight is up to 165 pounds. These are an excellent, fun, addition to your everyday looks, dates, special occasions, other nights out on the town, &, of course, for some after dark private time!

Devilishly Innocent Roses

My personal favorite are the skull & crossbones, (shown above), as I love Halloween! But you don’t have to wait until October to slip into those! You’re a tempting bad ass year-round, after all!

The sex kitten stripes shown above are sinfully playful! The lace roses are romantic & sweet, but we all know you aren’t that innocent! Same goes for the lace stripes with a built-in lace garter design. Very chic, alluring, & still appropriate enough to wear around your grandmother without any dirty looks from her.

I can guarantee you’ll be getting those good, dirty looks & wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing smiles from the men checking

Sexy Stripes & Lace Garters

out your shapely stems in any one of these pairs!  Which one of us doesn’t like seeing that look in their eyes & sly grin?!

Any one of these would look wonderful & up your sexy with stilettos, boots, booties, pumps, or heels! See the links below for some great ideas to go with any of these stockings! These can be worn with any dress, whether it’s sexy or formal, or your favorite flirty short skirt, or with your most effective short shorts!

But I think, (& I’m sure you & your, or any, man will agree), wearing them in most men’s preferred style choice… with nothing but the stockings & sexy heels is the most exciting! Turn up your heat even more with a playful feather boa, or silk scarves to tease him mercilessly & watch him sweat! You can let your temptress out to play much more often in these, vixens!




Fall Favorites

Pick of the Week









Christmas-striped-tights-green-red-white-sexy-fun-festiveFeeling extra festive? Show your love of the holidays with these Christmas striped tights! These are a one size item & fit women up to 5’9″ & 170 lbs, & are 100% polyester. Available in red & green stripes or red & white stripes, either would go wonderfully with a sexy little elf costume, or a short red, green, or white skirt & naughty top! Not to mention some sexy high heels, pumps, Christmas-striped-tights-green-red-white-sexy-fun-festivestacked heels, or a fun pair of elf shoes! Get yours now just in time for all the festivities!

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