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How to walk in High Heels

4 thoughts on “How to walk in High Heels

  1. I am a man,but I have listened to women complain about walking in heels all my life. I just never knew what the deal was. The toe-heel advice makes a lot of sense., but I noticed that changed in practice throughout the video. After watching that video I will stick with my RockSports.

    You didagreat job on the video, it appears professionally produced.

  2. This is a fantastic video. It’s great to watch just for the enjoyment of seeing some fantastic high heel shoes.

    However, there is so much more in respect to learning the correct way to walk in high heels. Skill needs to be learned for fear of having nasty falls, especially walking down stairs or on rough surfaces.

    I believe that all who are intending to purchase a pair of high heel shoes watch this video, before making their purchase. It’s not only the high heel, but other aspects of the shoe design such as platform, sandal, and much more.

  3. I have never mastered walking in high heels. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is perfect! Thank you for such an informative video. Very Hlepful!

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