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Mad for Shoes. Pick of the week

Mad for Shoes Pick of the Week

boots-heels-fall-rose-gold-black-over-knee-sexyThis fall stay in style with these wildly popular metallic over the knee boots! These babies are available in beautiful rose gold & seductive black. Both colors are quite chic & extremely hot! Made from faux leather & sporting a 4″ heel, pointy toe, & side zipper closure these boots are ideal for an exciting night out on the town with your girlfriends or your special someone! No matter which color you’re striding around in, you’ll definitely get some fantastic feedback when wearing these! Get them now or put them on your holiday gift list!boots-heels-fall-rose-gold-black-over-knee-sexy-black




These black & red faux suede platform ankle booties have stitching accents, studded detail, a side zipper, & a smooth interior with padded insole. You’ll definitely be a showstopper in these! Platforms are always sexy. Red & black anything is always sexy. Studded detail & a zipper is always sexy. These booties have all of them! Put them on & feel your inner bad ass goddess catching every man’s eye! Just in time to put them on your gift list, too!                                                                      faux sweet-booties-pick-studded-harlequin-sexy-cute-funfaux suede-studded-platform-booties-cute-sexy-red-black

Fashionistas, the Women’s Long Thigh High, Over the Knee, Open Toe Stiletto Heel, Denim Boots are the coolest boots seen in years! They’re quite the find & worthy of being the first installment of Mad for Shoes Pick of the Week. Not to mention the newest addition to your boots collection! It may be a long name for a boot style, but they’re worth it. These boots are made of denim, have a side zipper & an approx. 4½” stiletto heel. Some of the details I love, (& am sure you’ll love), the most are the sexy & suggestive cutoff thigh high jeans edging, the zipper on the side of the always stimulating stiletto heel, & the adorable peep toe. But, of course, my absolute favorite sexy, fun, carefree, bad ass features are the tears in the denim at & above each knee! Put them all together & you’ve got yourself a modern, yet classic rock ‘n roll erotic style! These will definitely spark your passion for fashion, while igniting more than just a spark from all the guys checking you out in them!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Denim-short- bootsDenim -boots

41 thoughts on “Mad for Shoes. Pick of the week

  1. I’m not an expert on this as I’m a man, but the post looks good, and helpful.

  2. I’ve just been thinking of getting myself some new statement boots! Great website, can’t wait to turn some heads 😉

  3. Very sexy shoes indeed.

  4. The thigh-high shoes are adorable, I love boots with zippers. Do you know if they’re available in wide width? thanks for the great find!

  5. These look great! Thank you for a quick review!!

  6. I love the shoes! My daughter is a shoe fiend and she will love the styles you’ve shown! Will share.

  7. Oh, yeah sexy and bad ass is right. Great pick for shoes! My daughter is absolutely going to love these. Although I think she has too many pairs already, these are right up her alley. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow great styles of shoes. I love the variety. Christmas is around the corner, will be shopping soon.

  9. These boots are super cute! I would buy them if I could wear high heals, but my poor old back can’t take the height anymore… thank you for sharing!

  10. Obviously not for me as I am a man, lol. But I will be sharing this with my wife. And she can pass it on to her friends as well.

  11. Wow, I was looking for some new shoes! Since having my baby, my feet have gotten bigger, so I need a new pair of killer heels! So cute!

    1. Congratulations on your baby! Check out the other links for lots of different shoe styles!

  12. I’ve always liked the look of these shoes, but they look odd on my skinny legs. I have very narrow feet and they don’t tend to fit well. They are popular though!

  13. Fun choice ! I have never seen these before ! I like the short ones, very original ! Thanks for sharing !

  14. Holy patoots! Those are like jean jeggins’ for your feet and your peep toes! My friend Kelsey will appreciate these definitely (I’m more of a chuck chic) and she’s gonna luuuuv the price! Thanks!

  15. Oh my… that’s different. Cool for a halloween costume for sure or a wild night on the town.. lol You sure do have the love for shoes I see. Great site!

  16. As winter is just around the corner, I’m looking for really nice and comfy boots to keep my feet and toes warm. I’ve never tried above-the-knee boots but these denim boots are really cool so why not! And by the way, wearing these above-the-knee denim boots will be like wearing leggings, awesome!

  17. Great quick review! I never saw a pair of heels like that before, they are definitely sexy looking. I can’t wear heels but would love to if I could. I wish they had closed toes ones too for the cold or do they?

  18. Those are hot!!!

    I love the fact that they have the open toes. I also like that even if wearing these boots with shorts is a bit too risque for your style, you could still pair them with a nice skit and give it a whole new look.

    I have a pair of 4″ heels, so I’m sure I could rock these…maybe only for an hour or two, but these boots are made to be admired, not for working up and down stairs!

    I’m actually surprised that the cost is so reasonable!

  19. Love them!

    I can’t say I was ever thinking of buying thigh-high, denim Stilettos with an open toe, but hey….why not! I think that even if wearing them with shorts is a bit too risque for some (me), they could easily be paired with a nice skirt. Love that price!

  20. Great fashion tip and love the boots. I like Peep toe boots they are very sexy. I have the short style but definitely will look into the knee length.

  21. Loved the fashion tip, nice boots. I have the shorter style peep toe boots, I like the look of the knee length. Always nice to get fashion tips on shoes/boots.

  22. I had no idea these were around. Thanks for the great review!

  23. Hi
    Nice shoes. High heel shoes look very good. If I wear high heel shoes, it will hurt my feet. My most shoes are not high heal. Thank you for information.

  24. I must say you have a great taste for fashion. I love these boots so much, they are so cute. Something very unique as I have not seen denim boots around. I love every little detail in them, the tears, the zip, the peep toe and the length just too cool and adorable. I am already craving to get them, may be I will wait until november. Thank you for sharing.

    1. thank you! There will be a new pick of the week, weekly, and in more than one category, so check back often!

  25. These are super cute! Thanks for sharing your great find 🙂

  26. Just what I needed for my coffee and wake up time! So cute and sexy, too young for me, but, my daughter and granddaughter will love them! Well, maybe not too young for me 🙂 however, I might break my neck in them, haha I will forward this post to my daughter and I’m sure she’ll be calling to ask me where to buy them.

    1. Please do share this with them! There will be a new pick of the week, weekly, and in more than one category!

  27. Gorgeous! I love knee high boots!

  28. Wow! Those will definitely set me apart from the crowd. How unique!

  29. Nice site, thanks for sharing!

  30. Wow, I would never have considered something like this before, but it actually looks pretty cool! Definitely keen to try the knee length ones when summer comes around 😀

  31. I love this denim look! Great looking peep-toe stilettos!

  32. Hot, Hot, Hot!!! If I saw these on the street I would do a double take!!! Thanks for featuring… you have an eye for this! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Check back often, we’ll be changing the pick of the week for many categories every week!

  33. Niceee….Definitely going to recommend this to a friend!!

  34. I certainly won’t be wearing any of these shoes but they do look quite bold on women. But I will recommend your website to a friend if they are looking for fashion ideas and which shoes to buy with their wardrobe.



  35. Beautiful and alluring shoes.

  36. What a cool site. My wife has lots of shoes and love to wear some that I seen on here.
    I will let her see the video on how to wear high heels, her heels are not that tall but I think she would try something like that.
    She has ankle problems, would she be advised not to wear tall shoes? Maybe I should get her some with shorter and safe shoes like they said in the video. Thanks

    1. THANK you! If she has trouble with her ankles with higher heels, she probably wouldn’t want something like a stiletto type of high heel. Low heels, block heels, or stacked heels might work better for her.. Those are a wider heel & are usually more sturdy.

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